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  • Datum vydání:  6.7.2018
  • Styl:  Death Metal
  • Dodavatel: Massacre

  • Popis:  The Black metal Box comes including "Okkult II" Double-CD (Album + Bonus CD) in Mediabook, "Shadowtaker" T-Shirt in Size XL from 100% Cotton, handsigned Autograph card, two Photo Cards and Sticker. Limited to 500 pieces.

Side A:
1. Masters Of Darkness
2. Shadowtaker
3. Bloodshed And Triumph
4. Spell Of Blood
5. Menschenschlachthaus
6. Gates To Oblivion (Feat. Marc Grewe)
Side B:
7. Infernal Sabbath
8. All Men Must Die
9. Phantom Ghost
10. Devil's Covenant (Feat. LG Petrov)
11. The Golden Dawn