Now What?! Box Set Ltd.
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  • Styl:  Hard Rock
  • Dodavatel: Edel

  • Popis:  CD+DVD, CD: LIVE TAPES, 3X Single CD, T-shirt (Size L) + Poster + Sticker

NOW What ?!limited edition

01.A SIMple sOng
03.OUt of HANd
04.HELL to Pay
06.AbOVe aNd bEYOND
07.BLOod froM a StoNe
08.UNcomMon MaN
09.aprÈS VOus
10.ALL the tiME in thE WORld
11.VinceNt PRiCE
12.itll be ME

Bonus DVD:
1.iN CoNVERsaTIOn (20 MiN)
bonus Audio conTent
2.ALL the tiME in thE WORld
(aLTernaTIVe RadIO MIX)
3.PerfECt StRANGers (LivE)
4.RAptuRE of tHe DEep (LiVe)


1Strange Kind Of Woman (live)
2.Hard Loving Man (live)
3.Vincent Price (live)
4.Contact Lost (live)
5.All The Time in The World (live)
6.No One Came (live)
7.BodyLine (live)
8.Perfect Strangers (live)
9.Above And Beyond (live)
10.Lazy (live)
11.Black Night (live)
12.Smoke On The Water (live)
Vincent Price

1.Vincent Price (Video Mix)
2.First Sign Of Madness
3.Well-Dressed Guitar
4.Wrong Man (Live)
5.Vincent Price Video

Above And Beyond

1. Above And Beyond
2. Things I Never Said (taken from The Now deleted ltd of Rapture of the Deep)
3. Space Truckin' (Live in Rome, Italy, July 22ND, 2013 during THE NOW WHAT?! Tour) Previously Unreleased
4. Green Onions / Hush (Live in Galve, Sweden, August 10TH, 2013 during THE NOW WHAT?! tour) Previously Unreleased

All The Time In The World

1. All The Time in The World (radio mix edit)
2. Hell To Pay (radio edit)
3. Perfect Strangers (bonus track live)
4. Rapture Of The Deep (bonus track live)

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