The Legacy Gold Edition Vol.2
Nosič:  3BCD
Dostupnost:  Skladem

599 Kč

Přidat do košíku:

  • Datum vydání:  20.8.2010
  • Styl:  Power Metal
  • Dodavatel: AFM

  • Popis:  Znovu vydané alba THE SAVAGE POETRY, MANDRAKE a
    raritní ep PAINTING OF THE WALL v luxusním balení.
    Každé CD obsahuje bonus tracky.

Disc 1: The Savage Poetry

Misguiding Your Life
Key To My Fate
Sands Of Time
Sacred Hell
Eyes Of The Tyrant
Frozen Candle
Roses To No One
Power And Majesty
Bonus Track: Key To My Fate (Original Recording)
Bonus Track: Hallowed (Original Recording)

Disc 2: Mandrake

Tears Of A Mandrake
Golden Dawn
All The Clowns
Nailed To The Wheel
The Pharaoh
Wash Away The Poison
Fallen Angels
Painting On The Wall
Save Us Now
The Devil & The Savant
Bonus Track: Tears Of A Mandrake (Live)
Bonus Track: Painting On The Wall (Live)
Disc 3

Painting On The Wall (Edit Version)
Golden Dawn (Album Version)
Wings Of A Dream (Version 2001)
Painting On The Wall
Tears Of A Mandrake (Single Edit)
For A Trace Of Life
But Here I Am
La Marche Des Gendarmes
Walk On Fighting (Live)
Wake Up The King (Live)
All The Clowns (Video)
The Headless Game (Video)