Cruel Magic Box Ltd.
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  • Datum vydání:  07.09.2018
  • Styl:  Heavy Metal
  • Dodavatel: Metal Blade

  • Popis:  *Content Deluxe Edition:
    DLP (incl. bonus LP)
    bonus CD
    flag (75x75 cm)
    back patch (circular 12")
    5 art prints (A4)
    photo card (A4)
    certificate (numbered)

01. Into The Mouth Of Eternity
02. Cruel Magic
03. The Doomsday Clock
04. Legions Hellbound
05. Ophidian
06. My Prophetic Soul
07. Death Knell For A King
08. Who Among Us
09. Ghosts Of Monongah
10. Mortality
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks :
01 Key To Oblivion
02 Into The Mouth Of Eternity (demo)
03 Death Knell For A King (demo)
04 The Doomsday Clock (demo)
05 Legions Hellbound (demo)
06 Bringer Of War (intro)
07 Time To Die (demo)
08 Cenotaph (demo)
09 Life Sentence (demo)
10 Twenty Twenty Five (demo)
11 The Goat And The Scorpion