Everybody Loves Sausages
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  • Datum vydání:  1.4.2016
  • Styl:  Rock
  • Dodavatel: Pias

  • Popis:  Ipecac Recordings

1. Warhead (Venom Guest: Scott Kelly of Neurosis)
2. Best Friend (Queen Guest: Caleb Benjamin of Tweak Bird)
3. Black Betty (Original artist unknown)
4. Set It on Fire (The Scientists Guest: Mark Arm)
5. Station to Station (David Bowie Guest: JG Thirlwell)
6. Attitude (The Kinks: Guest: Clem Burke of Blondie)
7. Female Trouble (Divine a.k.a. John Waters)
8. Carpe Diem (The Fugs)
9. Timothy Leary Lives (Pop-O-Pies)
10. In Every Dream Home a Heartache' (Roxy Music Guests: Jello Biafra and Kevin Rutmanis)
11. Romance (Tales of Terror)
12. Art School (The Jam Guest: Tom Hazelmeyer)
13. Heathen Earth (Throbbing Gristle)