The Nuclear Blast Reco
Nosič:  3CD
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  • Datum vydání:  16.11.2018
  • Styl:  Power Metal
  • Dodavatel: Plastic Head Music

  • Popis:  Reedice 2018 / Dissonance Records

CD1 (Vengeance)
1.1545 - The Beginning
2.Sky's Burning
3.Damnation And Darkness
4.Welcome (In The Damned Circle)
5.Dark Side Of The Moon
6.River Of Hate
7.In The Mirror
8.In The Distance
9.When Shadows Fall
10.Fallen Angel

CD2 (Regressus)
1.Calling From Hell
2.Eternal Flame
3.Lords Of Pain
4.Sign Of The Cross
5.Night Of The Storm
6.The Traveller
7.In Your Sins
8.Forgotten Soul
9.When Demons Return
10.Regressus - Lost In Time
11.Mystic Prophecy
12.The Land Of The Dead
14.Fighting The World
CD3 (Never Ending)
1.Burning Bridges
2.Time Will Tell
3.Under A Darkened Sun
4.Dust Of Evil
5.In Hell
6.Never Surrender
7.Wings Of Eternity
8.When I'm Falling
9.Warriors Of Lies
10.Dead Moon Rising
11.Never Ending