Songs From The Black Hole
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  • Datum vydání:  25.3.2015
  • Styl:  Metal
  • Dodavatel: SPV - Steamhammer

  • Popis:  

1. ‘Doomsday’ (Discharge)
2. ‘Vision Thing’ (Sisters of Mercy)
3. ‘Goofy`s Concern’ (Butthole Surfers)
4. ‘Kids of the Black Hole’ (Adolescents)
5. ‘Bars’ (Black Flag)
6. ‘Seeing Red’ (Killing Joke)
7. ‘Don`t Want to Know If You Are Lonely’ (Husker Du)
8. ‘Give Me the Cure’ (Fugazi)
9. ‘Banned in DC’ (Bad Brains)
10. ‘Cortez the Killer’ (Neil Young)