The Nuclear Blast Recordings
Nosič:  4CD
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  • Datum vydání:  14.9.2018
  • Styl:  Heavy Metal
  • Dodavatel: Plastic Head Music

  • Popis:  Dissonance records / Reedice 2018

CD1 (Judgement Day)
1.Smoke And Mirror
2.Used To The Truth
4.White Lightning
5.Judgement Day
6.Jump The Gun
7.Streets Of Sin
8.Pray For Mercy
9.Blue Tattoo
10.School Of Hard Knocks
12.The Fugitive
13.The River Runs Dry
14.Had Enough

CD2 (The Nature Of Evil)
1.Devil's River
2.A Question Of Honour
3.Justice From Hell
4.The Nature Of Evil
5.Some Truth (Has Better Left Unknown)
7.Faith And Conviction
9.Walk On The Darkside
10.Trust No One
11.The Sun Goes Down
CD3 (The End Of Sanctuary)
1.Signed, Sealed & Delivered
2.Blood Relations
3.The End Of Sanctuary
4.Pain In Your Neck
5.Edge Of The Blade
6.The Prophecy
8.Congress Of Deceit
9.Heavy Duty
10.Night Of The Wolf
11.Broken World
12.Hand Of The Saint

CD4 (There Will Be Execution)
1.Higher Level Of Violence
2.There Will Be Execution
3.Requiem For A Sinner
4.Die On Command
6.Locked & Loaded
7.God Raises The Dead
8.The River
9.Liberty Of Death
10.Black Monday
11.Crown Of Thorns