Nailed To Metal
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  • Styl:  Heavy Metal
  • Dodavatel: AFM

1. Holy
2. Raiders Of Beyond
3. Midnight Mover
4. Independence Day
5. Metal Eater
6. Winter Dreams
7. Shout It Out
8. Cut Me Out
9. Im A Rebel
10. They Want War
11. Break The Rules
12. Heart Of Gold Video Clip
13. Heart Of Gold Making Off
14. Heart Of Gold Hitstudio 1989
15. Timebomb Electronic Presskit
16. Independence Day
17. Still (Together With ARIA)
18. Go Back To Hell Live Bochum 1998
19. Drumsolo Russia 2001
20. X-T-C (taken from the album A Tribute To Accept)
21. The Key (Bonus Track of the album No Limits released in Japan Only
22. Mad Dogs And Loaded Guns (Demo Version for the album Solid)
23. Warchild (Demo Version for the album Solid)
24. Rated X (Demo Version for the album No Limits)
25. Tough Luck (Demo Version for the album No Limits)
26. Recall The Sin (Demo Version for

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