Testimony White Ltd.
Nosič:  3LP
Dostupnost:  Na objednávku

930 Kč

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  • Datum vydání:  24.3.2017
  • Styl:  Progressive Rock
  • Dodavatel: Metal Blade

  • Popis:  3x White LP

Part 1:
    The Land of Beginning Again
    Overture No. 1
    California Nights
    Colder in the Sun
    Sleeping Jesus
    The Prince of the Power of the Air
    The Promise
    Wasted Life

Part 2:
    Overture No. 2
    Break of Day
    Power in the Air
    Somber Days
    Long Story
    It's All I Can Do

Part 3:
    Ready to Try
    Sing it High
Part 4:
    Moving in my Heart
    I Am Willing
    In the Middle
    The Storm Before the Calm
    Oh, to Feel Him
    God's Theme

Part 5:
    Overture No. 3
    Oh Lord My God
    God's Theme 2
    The Land of Beginning Again