Dawn Of The Dragonstar
Nosič:  2LP
Dostupnost:  Skladem

630 Kč

Přidat do košíku:

  • Datum vydání:  16.8.2019
  • Styl:  Power Metal
  • Dodavatel: Nuclear Blast

  • Popis:  2LP (black) in gatefold

Side A
01. Dawn Of The Dragonstar
02. Thundersword
03. Long Live The King
04. With The Light Of A Thousand Suns

Side B
05. Winds Of Wisdom
06. Queen Of Eternity
07. Valley Of The Vale
08. Hydra
Side C
09. Night Of Winterlight
10. Blade Of Immortal Steel

Side D (Bonus)
11. The Power Of The Ancient Force (Hanna Turi Version)
12. With The Light Of A Thousand Suns (Orchestral Version)
13. Enchanted Dragon Of Wisdom (2007 Demo Version)
14. Forest Of Destiny (2007 Demo Version)