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Nosi:  2LP
Dostupnost:  Na objednvku

840 K

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  • Datum vydn:  31.8.2018
  • Styl:  Heavy Metal
  • Dodavatel: AFM

  • Popis:  Gatefold GOLD 2-Vinyl

Side A:
01 Tongue Reaper
02 Make The Move
03 Keeper Of My Soul
04 In The Heat Of The Night

Side B:
05 Raise The Game
06 Blood On Fire
07 Rising High
08 The Devil Is An Angel (Bonustrack)
Side C:
09 Hungry And Angry
10 One Heart One Soul
11 Pictures In My Dreams (Bonustrack)
12 A Bite Of Evil

Side D:
13 Eraser
14 Rose In The Desert
15 The Way

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